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Horizonte-Countdown 2014 | Alessandro Sala

»Die Kritik hat »One World« als sehr spezielles kleines »fotografisches Welttheater« bezeichnet.« So sagt es der Pressetext zu der Ausstellung, an der 12 fotogloria-Fotografen während des siebten Umweltfotofestivals »Horizonte Zingst« ihre Arbeiten zeigen. Mit dazu gehört Alessandro Sala und seine Strecke  »Fuck for Forest« (in Zusammenarbeit mit unserem italienischen Partner LUZphotos).


»Fuck for Forest« is an erotic, no profit ecological organization, based in Berlin. It is the world’s first eco-porn organization and may be the only porn website specifically created to raise money for a cause, over 80 percent of the money goes to charities that work to preserve the world’s rain forests.
The organisation’s unorthodox methods have made it difficult to distribute the money it makes, as a result, »Fuck for Forest« is working on a project to work directly with indigenous communities in Costa Rica, Perù and the Brazilian Amazon rainforest.

I shoot these images inside the »Fuck for Forest« headquarters in Berlin, where some members live.

I would like to show this interesting world that I first met when I was shooting a reportage about rainbow family gathering in Portugal.

Nothing special about the technique, the really difficult thing was organize the shooting date.

fotogloria_Sala_FFF (3)

I started to work as a photographer in a commercial studio in Milan, Controluce, where I improved my technical skill about light and studio equipment. In the same time I attended a photojournalism course at John Kaverdash Accademy in Milan. Right after this period, in 2005 I met my master Alex Majoli and start to work with him for 7 years in countless number of different projects. In this period we put the basis to the creation of a studio where young photographers works together and promote their independent projects. In May 2008 Cesura opened. Now after 6 years Cesura is a strong group of photographers, that works with editorial market, museum and personal project, we also create our own printing house, Cesura Publish, and printing lab, Cesura Lab.

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