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Das BESTE Bild von… Philippe Roy

Für Porsche ein Bild komponieren und fotografieren? Ein Traum. Und ebenjener wurde jüngst wahr für Philippe Roy. Kein Wunder also, dass das Motiv das BESTE Bild des Shanghaier Fotografen ist.

fotogloria: Where and when did you take your best picture?
Philippe Roy: This was taken in Shanghai just this May (2016) for our most recent local campaign for Porsche China After Sales department.

How did it come about?
This was a very complicated picture series for a multitude of reasons, and probably why it’s one of our favorites as it tested all of our skills: production, photography, CGI and retouching – until the next challenge comes along, of course! Basically each part of the final artwork was taken individually and put together in post-production. The background was created by John Foster, my partner. Because of the car logistics (the Porsche Macan GTS and 919 Le Man’s LMP1) we had to shoot on-location at the Porsche garages which created a long list of technical issues we had to surpass. We had to map out the shooting area, and figure out camera angles and lighting positions weeks before the actual shooting. And we also had to order two tons of mirrors to create the reflections we needed… that said, life is boring without a challenge.

For whom did you take your best picture?
PCN. Porsche China After Sales Services.

Why do you consider this picture in particular your best picture?
Because it showcases all of our studio talents into one project. Where we project managed and planned the shooting down to the millimeter. Had 3D floor plans of our shooting area created. Did photography. Did a CGI background. Put it all together and made our client happy on top of it all!

Retrospectively, is there anything in the picture that you would change?
Nothing that we would like to change in this picture particularly, but more that we are ready to take on the next project. Something even more challenging. Something even more complicated… bring it on.


* Ob Werkshalle, Fertigungsstraße, Qualitätskontrolle oder Lager. Ob Mitarbeiter, Führungsstab oder Produktpalette – Philippe Roy bewegt sich mühelos an allen Stationen, die zu einer guten Corporate Fotografie gehören. Seine Bilder zeigen alles, was wichtig ist: Konzentriert, auf den Punkt gebracht und das in höchster fotografischer Qualität. Corporate Fotograf Philippe Roy hat einige Zeit seines Lebens in Indien verbracht, lebt derzeit in Shanghai, China, und arbeitet weltweit.

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