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Horizonte-Countdown 2015 | Jordi Busque

Sieben fotogloria-Fotografen sind in diesem Jahr in der großen Gruppenschau »One World« beim achten Umweltfotofestival »Horizonte Zingst« zu sehen. Eröffnet wird am 30. Mai und bis dahin stellen wir Ihnen jeden Tag einen der ausstellenden Fotografen und seine Arbeit vor. Heute zeigen wir Ihnen die Strecke »The Mennonites of Bolivia« von Jordi Busque. Viel Spaß!

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My series »The Mennonites of Bolivia« documents the lives of little known religious communities, of European decent, in Eastern Bolivia. Mennonites are Christians, living in isolated farming communities and fiercely protective of their privacy. They reject modern technology and follow a way of life that has not changed since the 16th century. They tend the fields and raise cattle mostly to produce cheese. Their language is an old dialect of medieval German called Plattdeutsch. They don’t allow marriage outside their community.
Their core belief is what they call »the narrow path«. By choosing a difficult road, instead of the comforts of modern society, they can be closer to God.

As the 21st century brings modernity almost everywhere, Mennonites have found a place to settle in what they perceive is a little developed Bolivia, where they have enough isolation and freedom to follow their tradition without having to compromise their values.

I want to document a lifestyle that has all the chances to disappear in the modern and globalized 21st century.

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It is important to know that in these communities photography is usually taboo. It took much time and gentle prodding to be finally allowed to be in their midst and photograph their lives. Extreme patience is the key on how I obtained these photograph.

Jordi Busqué is an award winning photographer and former astrophysicist. His photographs and texts have appeared in some of the most prestigious publications including National Geographic Magazine (USA), Geo (Germany and France), El País Semanal (Spain), Lonely Planet Magazine (Spain), Science et Vie (France) and Terre Sauvage (France). Jordi divides his work between photojournalism, science and travel photography. He has traveled extensively around the world and he specializes in remote areas of South America.

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