#FacesOfPhotography – Teil 46: Hollis Bennett aus Nashville

Zur Zeit baut Hollis Bennett sich ein neues Büro. In seinem Garten, nach eigenem Entwurf. Ansonsten bereitet er sich auf die fotografische Zeit nach dem Shutdown vor – den #FacesOfPhotography erzählt er davon:

How are you in these strange times?
Things are good, all things considered. Everyone in my family is healthy, the weather has turned nice and in fact, we’re having the best spring in recent memory.

If we weren’t in crisis, what would you be working on?
I would be working on establishing myself even more as a stills and motion director and hopefully working on a few campaigns.

What are you working on instead?
I’ve been working around the house tending to things that need to be fixed. I also built a new office space in my backyard. In addition, I helped start a non-profit rugby centric organization. We’ve already raised 10’s of thousands of dollars that will go towards mental health awareness and support inside the rugby community.

Is it already clear what the crisis means for photography industry in Tennessee and the US?
Its about as clear as anywhere – we’re on full shut down and everyone is moving through the different stages of this – at first fear and now its just frustration and the desire to just be doing SOMETHING.

Do you think that ways of seeing and visual languages will change against the background of the crisis?
100 percent – there is no way that can not. More so, the way images are produced will change and possibly forever. It used to be clients telling you they needed a certain amount of shots in a certain time and heres the fixed budget – go make it happen.  NOW, clients are coming to me looking for answers and wanting to know what is even possible.  Me and my team have been hard at work implementing practices and protocol to make sure that when we can get back to work we’re doing it safely, responsibly and legally.

What is your personal photographic wish for the time after the crisis?
I just want to be able to go out into the world and connect with individuals on a one on one basis and help tell stories.  I don’t want to ever see another virtual meeting for an ad either…

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