#FacesOfPhotography – Teil 17: Dave Tacon aus Shanghai

In Folge 17 der #FacesOfPhotography nimmt und der Streetfotograf Dave Tacon uns mit nach Shanghai:

What is the current crisis situation in Shanghai?
Shanghai is in a strange place right now. It’s locked down, but at the same time, it’s not. Restaurant, bars and even cinemas are open again. I went to brunch with a bunch of friends, but one friend from the United States didn’t get back to Shanghai before they closed the border, so he’s marooned in Thailand. Even though those of us in China can go about our normal lives, we’re marooned here too.

And what is the general situation of the photography industry? 
The photography industry has been hit hard by the crisis. As for me personally, I shoot a lot of events and usually get some editorial work around fashion week, but all of that has been cancelled. I also have some hotel brands as clients. That work has evaporated too. Work is starting to come in trickles and I had two meeting at advertising agencies last week – my first face to face meetings since the first half of January. Few industries have not been severely impacted by the crisis though.

What do you think photography can and should do at the moment?
One thing that has benefited from the crisis is street photography in Shanghai. As almost everyone you see outdoors wears a mask, shooting street scenes here has a stronger historical significance. My background is in photojournalism so although my cash flow has taken a hit, the situation has invigorated my photography as I’m compelled to take a camera whenever I leave my apartment. It’s important to document this time.

What is your photographic wish for the time after the crisis?
This year I had hoped to complete a project on China’s land borders. There are 13 of them and so far I’ve photographed six of them. I’ll just have to wait and see about when I’ll be able to continue this series.

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