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#FacesOfPhotography – Teil 13: Luis Cerdeira aus Madrid

Luis Cerdeira aus Madrid hat einen tatsächlichen Blick auf das Ausmaß der Corona-Pandemie in Spanien werfen können: Er hat den Aus- und Umbau einer Messehalle zu einem provisorischen Krankenhaus für Covid-19-Patienten begleitet. Darüber erzählt er in den #FacesOfPhotography:

In your picture you can be seen in a hall full of beds – where are you?
I’m at IFEMA (Madrid’s exhibition Center). It’s a huge set of pavilions used for professional fairs turned now into a provisional hospital to care for people sick with Coronavirus. Hospitals in Madrid are collapsed because of the increasing number of cases of people affected by Covid-19. With the help of the spanish army, firefighters, members of civil protection, and private companies, a field hospital has been set up.

In view of this, were you able to concentrate on your photography?
For me, photographing is like a meditation exercise. I do not care what the external situations are since I am focused on my work, on what I have to photograph and on doing it my best. I have worked as a photographer in all kinds of risky situations and it is important that fear does not paralyze you. Perhaps my usual practice of yoga and meditation helps me a lot to stay calm and concentrated in these kind of situations.

What do you think photography can do in these times?
When all this happens, we will have the images to remember the work of all the heroes who have been part of the fight against this pandemic. As a photographer, it is an opportunity to be able to contribute creating images with an artistic and journalistic vision of all this disaster.

Nevertheless: What does the crisis mean for you and for Spanish photographers in general?
I suppose that, like for all my fellow photographers around the world, this represents an important break in terms of assignments and work. But the opportunity is there. Perhaps it is time to take courses to refresh knowledge, review the business model, review the photographic archive to sell photographs in the main image banks, carry out personal projects, carry out home study lighting practices …

What is your photographic wish for the time after?
Now it is important to continue to maintain contact with customers. Offer them your help in whatever they need. Let them know that you are there for what they need. Not only in good times, but also in bad times. When all this happens, they will surely value your availability. I hope photography recovers the value it has always had for companies and for society.

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ZEISS-Mitarbeitermagazin – Fotogloria International unterwegs

Für »ZOOM«, das Mitarbeitermagazin der Carl Zeiss AG haben wir gefühlt mit Fotografen einmal rund um den Globus zusammen gearbeitet.*

Betreut von der Agentur C3 – denen wir hiermit ein großes Dankeschön rüberschicken – konnten wir fünf verschiedene Shootings realisieren.

Alle Shootings fanden noch vor den Auswirkungen der Pandemie statt und die beteiligten Fotografen waren: Miquel Gonzalez aus Amsterdam, Aurelién Foucault aus Beijing, Todd Henry aus Auckland, Luis Cerdeira aus Madrid und Jun Michael Park aus Seoul.

* Ihr Unternehmen, Ihre Agentur, Ihr Magazin hat internationale Themen und Sie suchen einen Fotografen vor Ort, der die Landessprache spricht, sich mit den kulturellen Gepflogenheiten auskennt, der Ihre Qualitäts-Standards erfüllt und sich im eigenen Land sicher mit allen gültigen Corona-Bestimmungen zu bewegen weiß? Wir finden für Sie den passenden Fotografen für jeden Bereich der Unternehmenskommunikation und für jede Ihrer Ideen – und das in jedem Land, jeder Region und jeder Stadt. Eben fotogloria International: