Horizonte-Countdown 2016 | Johan Bävman

Es gibt diese Strecken, die sofort Hirn, Herz und Humorzentrum ansprechen: Die Arbeit »Swedish Dads« ist genau so eine. Johan Bävman, seines Zeichens auch mittlerweile zweifacher Vater und vielfach ausgezeichneter Fotograf, hat den Alltag der schwedischen Väter – die wie nirgendwo sonst auf der Welt von Staats wegen in ihrer Elternzeit unterstützt werden – portraitiert und dabei ebenso urkomische wie liebevolle Szenen festgehalten. Und auf dem fotogloria-Blog erzählt Johan mehr über seine Arbeit – Viel Spaß!

Achja: Zu sehen ist die großartige Arbeit ab Ende Mai in der großen Gruppenausstellung »One World« während des Umweltfotofestivals »Horizonte Zingst« – zusammen gestellt von Kurator Klaus Tiedge (Erlebniswelt Fotografie Zingst) und Co-Kuratorin Edda Fahrenhorst (fotogloria).

© Johan Beavman 2

Sweden’s parental benefit system is one of the most generous in the world, allowing parents to stay home with their children and receive compensation from the state. One child entitles parents to 480 days of benefits. For the first 390 days parents are entitled to nearly 80 per cent of their pay, up to a maximum level. The remaining 90 days are paid at a lower fixed rate. Of the first 390 days, 90 are reserved for each parent while the rest can be transferred freely.

Sweden was the first country in the world to replace maternity leave with parental leave, in 1974. More than 40 years later, fathers take roughly 25 percent of the total number of days available to the couple. If fathers’ paternity leave continues to increase at the same pace it has kept so far during the 21st century, the use of parental leave will not be gender equal until 2040.

Swedish Dads is a photo exhibition based on portraits of a select group of fathers who choose to stay home with their babies for at least six months. I examined why these fathers have chosen to stay home with their children, what the experience has given them, and how their relationship with both their partners and their children has changed as a result. The exhibition aims to show the effects of gender equality in parenting on both individuals and society.

In my neirborhood and around in the region of South of Sweden

I use portraits of fathers with their children in everyday situations, and interviews with dads to aim the spotlight on fathers who prioritise the connection to their children and family before their job and career. But the focus is also on the universal and loving aspects of parenting, regardless of whether you are the mother or father.

During my own paternity leave, I had trouble finding information about parenting from a father’s perspective. From reading and seeing other dads who share thoughts and ideas about parenting, perhaps more men will start to think about their role as a father and as a partner. I think that is an important step on the road towards a more equal society

With digital camera (Canon Mark 3) and with a lens of 35 mm. All pictures are standing and cropped.


Johan Bävman, born in 1982, is a freelance photographer based in Malmö, Sweden. The photo project Swedish Dads has had a huge impact as it has been shown around the world and been published in book form in English. Johan has received many awards for his images, including World Press Photo, POY, the Sony Award, NPPA, UNICEF Photography Award, Swedish news agency TT’s grand prize, and Picture of the Year in Sweden.

Das Buch »Swedish Dads« von Johan Bävman kann man HIER bestellen.

P.P.S.: Wer die Ausstellung in Zingst verpasst, es gibt noch viele Möglichkeiten, Johans Arbeit zu sehen: Zur Zeit läuft die Ausstellung »Swedish Dads« in Bukarest, Kampala, Washington und Hanoi. Ab dem 1. Juni 2016 läuft sie dann in Bern, ab dem 6 Juni in Peking, ab dem 18 Juni in Hannover auf dem Lumix-Festival und weiterhin im Laufe des Jahres in Tel Aviv, Maputo, Paris, Addis Adeba…