#FacesOfPhotography – Teil 65: Jorge Oviedo aus Bogota

Jorge Oviedo aus Bogota vermisst die Arbeit mit Menschen am meisten und glaubt, dass sich die Ausrichtung der Werbung ändern wird. Wohin, darüber hat er mit den #FacesOfPhotography gesprochen:

How are you in these strange times?
I’m worried about the current moment, it is difficult to think what will happen after this on the world and how we will go back to a normal live.

How is the crisis currently affecting Colombia?
Right now everybody is in quarantine, we can’t go out without a good reason and we have to wear protective mask and gloves.

What have you experienced professionally since the beginning of the crisis?
It is difficult because all the advertising agencies are working from home, then everything is really slow. I did a lot of Pdf’s with some of my personals projects and some agencies and labels are using some of the pictures for campaigns, but what I really want is developing new images and ideas.

What are you currently working on?
I’m working on some personal projects as conceptual photography, sometimes I act as a Director of Photography with my brother as director. We did a commercial with my nephew, and a lot of more videos for personal work.

Is it already clear what the crisis means for photography industry in Colombia?
I really don’t know what will happen after this crisis and how we be able to go back to work again.

Do you think that ways of seeing and visual languages will change again the background of the crisis?
I think it will change the nature of campaigns because they will have to be more natural and free. I think everybody wants to forget this crisis as fast as possible and start a regular live again.

What is your personal photographic wish for the time after the crisis?

I hope to start working again to shoot my favorite advertising campaigns and portraits. I love to shoot pictures with people and that is what I miss most nowadays.

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