#FacesOfPhotography – Teil 38: Piotr Malecki aus Warschau

Piotr Malecki bedeutet die Krise ein absolutes berufliches Desaster, auch wenn er es dennoch genießt, das hektische Leben hinter sich zu lassen. Dazu und zu seinem Wunsch für die Zeit danach haben die #FacesOfPhotography ihn befragt:

How are you?
I am surprised to admit that I quite enjoy this time of isolation. Party because from time to time I still go out, so it’s less painful, but the main reason being the calmness and the pleasure of staying together for a long time, without rush. I did not even know how much I missed it, traveling too much, leading too hectic life.

How is your current assignment situation?
At the beginning of the pandemic I had the moment when all the assignments that I had lined up got cancelled, not a single one survived. Pretty unpleasant feeling.

What are you working on instead?
Gradually I started shooting again, but mainly Covid-19 related press stories. I am also developing a documentary film; its footage was shot before the pandemic and now it requires a lot of editing and other post-production.

How do you assess the crisis for the Polish photo industry?
It’s a total disaster for me and many of my friends, but I do hope that things will get better as soon as the economy kicks in again. Hopefully soon.

What is your personal photographic wish for the time after the crisis?
I’d like to do a happy long photo project, a story about happy people. Colourful and beautiful images. To make a book and exhibition that gives hope. Any ideas are most welcome!

Piotr Malecki and his 17 years old daughter Marta, at their orchad in the outskirts of Warsaw.

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