#FacesOfPhotography – Teil 29: Raphael Olivier aus Paris

Nach fast 13 Jahren in Asien ist Raphael Olivier im Zuge der Pandemie zurück nach Europa, genauer gesagt nach Frankreich, gekommen. Dort harrt er aus und wartet wie so viele andere auf irgendein Ende der Krise – und erfährt viel Solidarität zwischen Kollegen, Agenturen und Kunden. Für die #FacesOfPhotography haben wir ihn zu seiner Situation befragt:

Raphael, how are you doing?
Considering the current state of things, really quite well. I am healthy and eating well, comfortably cruising through confinement.

You are actually always on the move in the world – where are you now?
Back home in Paris for a while, it wasn’t planned like this but with borders closing around the world it feels like the best option at the moment.

Probably all your assignments have been cancelled? What are you working on instead?
Indeed all work has now come to a complete stop and it’s impossible to know when projects will start coming up again. I have been living in Asia for almost 13 years, so this break is giving me some time to think about the future of my activity, possibly in Europe or elsewhere. Everything is still up in the air at this point.

What is the general situation in the photographic industry in France?
France is currently in full lockdown, like much of the world, and the photography industry is of course very impacted. Press photographers are still active documenting the situation but commercial projects are out of the question. However I have found the scene here to be really quite supportive and showing a good amount of solidarity between clients, agencies and image makers. It does feel optimistic overall and ready for a fresh start anytime.

What is your photographic wish for the time after the crisis?
For the months to come I would like to work more in Europe. I have been travelling so much around the world during my adult life that I haven’t spent much time in Europe actually, so now feels like a good opportunity to bring back my experience from abroad and explore a familiar place with new eyes.

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