Horizonte-Countdown 2014 | Marco Gualazzini

»Wir versuchen, dem Publikum ein sehenswertes und inspirierendes Angebot voller Denkanstöße zu machen. Und das zusätzlich mit vielen Emotionen aufzuladen.« erklärt Kurator Klaus Tiedge sein Ansinnen für die Fotoschauen während des siebten Umweltfotofestivals »Horizonte Zingst«, das in 8 Tagen – am 24. Mai 2014 – beginnt.

Und so wundert es nicht, dass  Marco Gualazzini und seine Arbeit »South Sudan« (in Zusammenarbeit mit unserem italienischen Partner LUZphotos),  für die  Gruppenausstellung »One World« ausgewählt wurde. Viel Spaß!

Sudan Borders War © Marco Gualazzini

For over two years Sudan’s government has waged a bombing campaign against civilian it accuses of supporting Nuban rebels. Cheap shrapnel bombs are dropped out of Antontov cargo plans nearly every day. The campaign has terrorized the people of the Nuba mountains, forcing many to flee, and making it difficult for others to plant and tend their farms.
This war is nothing more than the backwash of the war thar involved the country from 1983 to 2005, which caused almost two million victims, with government troops on one side, and on the other, the Sudan People’s Liberation Army. A clash which was intensified after the coup of Omar al-Bashir in ’89, and ended with a peace agreement that led to the referendum on 9 July 2011, the day of the Independence of South Sudan.

On the borders between South Sudan and Sudan.


I’ve been covering Africa for last two years. The newest nation in the world, South Sudan, has always attracted my attention.

I was lucky, I met people, like the bishop Macram, who helped me a lot because they hoped that through our reports their situation would come to the attention of international public opinion.

Sudan Borders War

As a photographer, I’m trying to do my best to be a bridge between you and them. In this equation I’m just a messenger. What matters is the testimony, the story, the message

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