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#FacesOfPhotography – Teil 149: Alexander Bronfer aus Raanana

In Israel entspannt sich die pandemische Lage zusehends – seither streift Alexander Bronfer wieder abends mit seiner Kamera durch die Straßen und fotografiert. Woran er derzeit außerdem arbeitet, darüber hat er mit den #FacesOfPhotography gesprochen:

Alexander, how are you?
We are fine at that point of time. You never know in the Middle East what comes next. We passed the pandemic, the war and political instability. Hope all that is in the past.

What is the current situation in Israel?
The country is coming back to normal life thanks to herd vaccination which has almost been achieved. During the pandemic people missed a simple conversation on the street and now they fill the narrow streets of South Tel Aviv and it looks like everybody wants to love and be loved and I am not an exception. We began to appreciate the simple pleasures of life… a glass of arak with a pomegranate juice and the taste of Irakian cheese on a white plate and a beautiful woman on the next table.

What have you personally experienced job-wise an in your free topics in the last weeks and months?
Life is coming back to Tel Aviv. The city was silent for so long and now people fill out its streets like cold water in a spring creek and I am trying to capture that. I feel it is a unique moment of joy and worldly wisdom which always comes after severe disasters. So I am there … in the night streets of Tel Aviv … every evening … wander with my Leica.

What are the implications of the pandemic for the photographic industry in Israel in general?
I think it is not different from other countries. Not much can be done during lockdowns. All shows were delayed or canceled. It was a hard time. During the pandemic I mainly captured my family as did many of my colleagues. The series about my son was presented at Israeli press show which took place on the streets of Tel Aviv. It was scared and hard time and I am glad that it had passed.

What means photography for you personally?
It is always difficult to answer that question and there is no simple answer to it. Everyone wants to tell … express and leave behind something valuable. That’s why we are human beings and we are doing that in many different ways. I percept the world around me through photography because this is my way of self expression.

What is your personal photographic wish for the future?
I don’t like planning too far into the future but for the upcoming year I am thinking about a pretty personal series which will stretch over multiple countries where I lived. In parallel I am working on a book about the Dead Sea and its ecological disaster.

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