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OSRAM und Fenwick: Foto, Film und Timelapse von David Cabrera

Eine Herausforderung ja, aber eine spannende: Für OSRAM hat fotogloria-Fotograf David Cabrera das von dem Münchner Traditionsunternehmen illuminierte Kaufhaus Fenwick nahe London in Foto, Film und Timelapse festgehalten. Wir haben ihn dazu befragt:

You came to do the OSRAM photo shoot via fotogloria – what was it about and what exactly needed to be photographed?
A new Fenwick store in a Mall in Bracknell, next to Reading, an hourdrive from London. A nice building with a perforated metal mesh with the LED system behind it so it was something unique. We also were asked to shoot video.

How did you prepare for the photo / video shoot and what equipment did you take with you?
Usually we start with some meetings to see what are the client expectations. Then I like to do a recce myself and explore the place as any other customer that goes there for shopping. I take some snaps with the Phone and then back to the studio to start planning the shoot, arranging permits and equipment. We met with part of the team project on site so we got some useful input about the place.
I always have worked with Canon DSLR and TS lenses, I like it lighter and flexible, this equipment allows me to focus in the essentials.

Did you have free rein in the choice of motifs and the compositions, or did the client brief you about what was required?
There is always stuff that needs to be in and that is what I try to include it first: the materials, technology or people interaction, but those are ideas. There is a lot of room for creativity in terms of composition and lighting. Shooting at dusk and night is a must, is the best way to enhance the project itself. For the video, we created a story board and an action plan to follow to avoid chaos.

How did you go about the photo shoot? Did you achieve the best photographic results?
I split the shoot in two days, one day I focused in the stills and the next one I went with a friend and we did video and time-lapse together. The project itself was wonderful so we just needed to wait for the best weather possible and it went quite well. It is crucial to have a clear dusk, you don’t want to go too moody or with flat boring skies.

Which was the toughest and/or best moment during the photo shoot?
The video was the part more complex, we had some interviews and then we needed to tell a story at the same time. The best moment for me usually is driving back home after the long hours around the site, I like the hassle around the project seeking ideas and perspectives until I can really feel the project. If you think for a sec how many months or years architects or designers spend on their projects, and we just go for a couple of days…

Which is your favourite picture from the photo shoot and why?
I love the views from the Library at dusk and night time, its the most iconic view of the building and the LED displays simply beautiful.

Last but not least, how did you find the collaboration with fotogloria?
Fantastic. It is been great having Mike in contact all the time, there was lot of feedback and made my life easier.

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