#FacesOfPhotography – Teil 51: Caio Vilela irgendwo in Brasilien*

Unterwegs sein. Als Fotograf, Fixer, Reiseführer. Das ist der Beruf von Caio Vilela. Eigentlich, denn nun hat er sich mit seiner Familie in Isolation begeben, irgendwo in den Bergen Brasiliens. Nicht mal seine Kamerausrüstung hat er dabei… Den #FacesOfPhotography erzählt er, wie es ihm geht:

Caio, how are you in these strange times?
Grounded! Trying to keep sane with some exercise, reading time, dancing, music, quality time with my family. I try to focus on the good side of quarantine. One of them is that now I have time for lenghty meals and I’m surrounded by people I love, only.

If we weren’t in crisis, what would you be working on?
I’d be on the road, shooting street football somewhere remote. My work has always been on the road, being a photographer, writer, fixer or travel guide.

What are you working on instead?
Nothing, really. I’ve tightened my belt, have rented a chalet in the moutains between Rio and Sao Paulo, and am living with my savings now. So far there is nothing to worry about, but if this health crisis extends too much, I’ll have to reinvent myself.

Is it already clear what the crisis means for photography industry in Brazil?
Not clear, but the pandemic will surely worsen an already difficult situation. The political crisis and devaluation of the Real, Brazil’s currency, also means that equipment needed for photographic production becomes even more expensive. Advertising and promotional budgets have been reduced, events have been cancelled or postponed, and most audiovisual productions have suffered due to this. The outlook is bleak.

Do you think that ways of seeing and visual languages will change against the background of the crisis?
Absolutely. World will change in many ways. Visual languages included.

What is your personal photographic wish for the time after the crisis?
I wish football kids get back in the streets. I’ve been shooting street football for more than 15 years now. Have done it in over 100 countries. This is my lifetime project. I have potential sponsors to keep it going. But my such beloved subject and phenomenon doesn’t exist anymore, as long as the pandemic is out there.

*Für einige Zeit in der Pandemie lebt Caio mit seiner Familie in einer Hütte in den Bergen irgendwo zwischen Rio de Janeiro und Sao Paulo.

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