#FacesOfPhotography – Teil 156: Diana Bagnoli aus Turin

Diana Bagnoli hat in den vergangenen Monaten ihr Arbeitsumfeld auf lokale und nationale Ebene verlegt. Worüber sie entsprechend nachdenkt und warum die Entwicklung in der Editorial-Fotografie mit großer Sorge betrachtet, darüber haben die #FacesOfPhotography mit ihr gesprochen:

Diana, how are you?
I’m fine, thanks.

Maria Primo is a yoga teacher. She practices and teaches yoga alone at home, since one year. She has found a deeper connection with herself and a new listening of her inner being, even if, at the same time, she misses badly the physical presence of her teachers and students. During this year of lockdown her home become her yoga shala, a sanskrit word meaning “home”, that means a gathering place for practice, experience and grow.

What is the current pandemic situation in Italy?
During summer it’s great, there’s the smell of normality, restaurants open and people walking around without a mask covering their faces. It’s a relief. But the pandemic is obviously going on. Today we have more infected people every day and more deaths.

Did you have time, capacity and leisure to work on free projects?
This is what I miss the most, the difficulty in travelling. I’m following local stories and working in Italy. I was used to travel around the world. This changed my perspectives and way of working. Finding local stories is fine, but it also depends on what surrounds you. It is more difficult to find unexpected and exciting stories.
During the first year I’ve been working on Covid related stories. During the second one I’ve tried to focus on something else. I’ve been working in Turin, Naples, Venice and on the Italo-French border with migrants. Let’s see what is coming next!

He was rescued by the Red Cross in the middle of the night, after nine hours lost in the snow. After two months hospitalized in Turin, he now works with the Red Cross of the Val Susa which he defines his guardian angels.

What have you experienced professionally in the last weeks and months?
I’ve seen the worst crises in the editorial industry, that worries me a lot. And there were no more events. Let’s see how it will change in the year to come.

What does the pandemic mean for the photo industry in Italy?
As in many other areas there was a big stop, mostly for those who works in event, communication, portraits and travels. The basis of my work is human interaction. What kind of work can I do if people have to stay indoors, interact as little as possible and cover their faces? Furthermore, the long transition towards digital communication has been accelerated and this has changed our way of working.

What is your personal photographic wish for the future?
To be able to travel again and to work for a new and healthy editorial industry.

Luna learns how to swim underwater with her father in the Eolian island. Her parents have just broken up and she’s particularly closed to her father. This is a summer she will never forget.

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