#FacesOfPhotography – Teil 114: Vidhyaa Chandramohan aus Abu Dhabi

Vidhyaa Chandramohan konnte durch die Krise keine Aufträge mehr fotografieren, hat sich anstattdessen ausführlich ihren freien Arbeiten gewidmet. Darüber und was ihr die Fotografie bedeutet, hat sie mit den #FacesOfPhotography gesprochen:

How are you and how is the current situation in Abu Dhabi?
I am doing great; things are getting back to normal; the Abu Dhabi government has taken several precautionary measures to prevent the residents, and several programs have been postponed to 2021.

How have you been – concerning your job – in the last weeks and months?
Yes, it’s a very tough time, I was unable to travel countries for any projects, but worked on my personnel projects and published some. Hopefully this situation will change around the world and believe once we get the vaccine for COVID-19, things will be back to normal.

Will the crisis change photography?
The crisis may change the world up and down, reaching into every aspect of our lives, but not creativity, so as a photographer we can always find ways to explore various things, this is only for now, slowly things will be back to normal.

Did you work on free topics or are you planning something?
I am planning to work on conservation related stories around the UAE and Middle East, my goal is to explore the UAE of a world of new relationships, new opportunities, new beginnings and, most importantly, new stories.

Emirati women are ­»pushing the boundaries to break stereotypes« in Falconry – Many women are not practicing falconry in the Middle East , these are few Emirati female falconers from UAE are indication of the boldness, the initiative and independence of Arab women. Perhaps the falcons were a symbol to these women of limitless freedom, as well as of power at Abu Dhabi, UAE.

How was your photographic journey so far?
In the year of 2014, I started working as a freelancer in the leading news agency in Abu Dhabi and everyday i am exploring and learning something new in this field. In 2017 I signed for a Diploma in Photography project with Danish Media and Journalism at Amsterdam, after completing the course, I was induced to work on Documentary projects which helps me to understand various subjects, apart from photography too. Throughout the journey there were ups and down, I always take failure as an experience and learn from that.

What does photography mean to you?

Photography is part of my life, it’s a kind of meditation in my everyday life, I can’t imagine my life without Photography and it’s everything to me.

Home quarantine – a range of emotions during the covid-19 pandemic.

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