MacLellan für Audi – Corporatefotografie International

Ein Fotograf in Somerville nahe Boston? Kein Problem – dank des großen internationalen fotogloria-Netzwerkes konnten wir auch in diesem Falle einen exzellenten Fotografen für den Audi-Geschäftsbericht (in Zusammenarbeit mit WeLoveArtbuying) losschicken: Ian MacLellan. Was der Inhalt des Jobs war und wie er ihn umgesetzt hat:

fotogloria: You came to do the Audi photo shoot via fotogloria – what was it about and what exactly needed to be photographed?
Ian MacLellan: Audi is partnering both with the City of Somerville, where I live and work, on a smart traffic light project to help alleviate congestion at a very busy intersection and with a new construction project to create a test site for a self-driving autonomous car garage. Neither project has started construction yet so they wanted to use photography and illustration to show how Audi engineers are envisioning a better future for the city. I needed to photograph the sites where these Audi projects will be, make portraits and candid photographs of the engineers from Audi and local partners like the Mayor, developers, and urban planners.

How did you prepare for the photo shoot and what equipment did you take with you?
fotogloria took care of the the communication with Audi and I was able to show up at the shoot without having to do too much planning. Since the photography had to be completed alongside real planning meetings and tight schedules we had to move quickly and keep a low profile. I kept my camera gear simple and was actually able to bike and walk to the different parts of the shoot. I brought two cameras, four lenses, two flashes, an umbrella, one light stand, and wireless flash triggers.


Did you have free rein in the choice of motifs and the compositions, or did the client brief you about what was required?
The client briefed me on how the photos would be used and what kind of spacing the illustrators would need to add mock ups of the buildings and traffic lights. I was able to use the real settings and characters however I wanted though. I had a lot of freedom but tight time constraints so had to work with what was available and nearby.

How did you go about the photo shoot? Did you achieve the best photographic results?
I scouted out both locations beforehand to brainstorm ideas for how and where to shoot the portraits and found a public parking garage that overlooked one of the sites. We brought the Audi engineer up to the top floor of the garage and created an authentic moment to photograph by having a local developer show him real construction plans. The light through the parking garage was really nice and was great to bring all the elements together in one photo overlooking the construction site.

Which was the toughest moment during the photo shoot?
We also needed a high vantage point for the intersection where the Audi traffic light was going to be installed and asked at the only office overlooking the intersection if we could take photos out their bathroom window. They agreed and I set up the photo with the mayor and an Audi engineer talking by the intersection and ran up the stairs to get the photo. Once I was up there, they couldn’t hear me over the sound of the traffic so it was a very difficult moment trying to move them around and only had a few minutes to photograph the mayor. I wish I had brought a walkie talkie! I couldn’t make the photo work well so rather than waste time running up and down the stairs, I gave up on the shot. I ended up finding a structure closer to the ground that I climbed up on and made a similar shot from a less exaggerated angle where I could still communicate with the subjects in the little remaining time.


Which is your favorite picture from the photo shoot and why?
My favorite photo from the shoot is the one please see below, because it brings together the reality of the intersection and the people trying to make it better. Almost every day I drive, bike, or walk through this intersection and it’s great to get all the elements together. I also like this photo because it feels personal. Usually I photograph things that don’t relate to me at all but this intersection is really connected to my life in a peculiar way.

Last but not least, how did you find the collaboration with fotogloria?

It was great to work with fotogloria. Both their staff and the team at Audi are native German speakers so they were able to communicate clearly in the planning stages of the project. Working with fotogloria also allowed me to connect with a large international company on a local assignment that I may otherwise have missed out on. I focused on the photography and editing and let them handle the communication with the client.


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