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fotogloria International: Marco Simola für den Stern

DAS sind genau die Anrufe, die wir besonders schätzen: Der Stern macht ein Reise-Spezial über Peru und sucht einen Fotografen in Lima. Food soll er können. Und Menschen auch. Und natürlich soll er die hohe Qualität liefern, die der Stern von seinen Fotografen gewohnt ist… Was sich erstmal nach einer echten Herausforderung anhört, beantwortet unser Spezialist für Internationale Assignments Mike Gamio mit einem gewohnt lapidaren: »Klar. Wann soll er wo sein?«

In diesem Sinne: Es lohnt sich, bei fotogloria durchzurufen – wir haben immer den richtigen Fotografen für Sie und das in jedem Winkel der Welt. So auch in Lima, wo Marco Simola für fotogloria und im Auftrag vom Stern die dortige hippe Restaurantszene fotografiert hat. Wir haben mit ihm über seinen Job gesprochen.

The terrace of Mango's in Larcomar Mall

The terrace of Mango’s in Larcomar Mall

fotogloria: You came to do the Stern photo shoot via fotogloria – what was it about and what exactly needed to be photographed?
Marco Simola: fotogloria contacted me in order to made an assignment for Stern about Lima and its gastronomical boom. I did the job together with a Stern journalist.
O How did you prepare for the photo shoot and what equipment did you take with you?
I talked a lot with Stern journalist in order to better understand his priorities. Then I proposed him many and different places to visit, people to interview and tours to do. Then together we decided the final scheduling. I took with me a couple of cameras and three lenses. I only use a flash for Virgilio interview.

Did you have free rein in the choice of motifs and the compositions, or did the client briefs you about what was required?
The client leaves me totally free. He just shows me a sample article to take inspiration.

How did you go about the photo shoot? Did you achieve the best photographic results?
The main goal was to visit restaurants, bars, hotels and markets. So we start from breakfast, visiting a traditional or a fashion place and there I took pictures of food, ambient, place etc. Yes, I´m really happy about the final results of the assignment.

La Rosa Nautica Restaurant

La Rosa Nautica Restaurant

Which was the toughest and/or best moment during the photo shoot?
Probably the interview to Chef Virgilio Martinez, at his restaurant, Central. He only gives us 1 hour of time, because he was really busy with 4 days with CNN. We arrived there 20 minutes before the time, but he only appeared 1 hour and a half later.  So he was tired and the sun of the day was off. I was obliged to work with flash (I really don´t like it), and he didn´t offers us the promised hour, because he had to finish with CNN. But one last photo was missing. So we wait again for aprox 40 minutes and then when he comes back, he offers us a free dinner in his famous restaurant. Unfortunately I couldn´t accept, but Stern journalist was really happy to accept. The Central restaurant has been entered in fourth place in the ranking of the best restaurants in the world.

Which is your favorite picture from the photo shoot and why?
I really enjoy the pictures I did in La Rosa Nautica restaurant (see above). It is an old and famous restaurant located on a pier in the bay of Lima. Is not so common they open their doors to photographers, so I consider myself really lucky to get this opportunity.

Last but not least, how did you find the collaboration with fotogloria?
I was really happy with this collaboration. The guy from fotogloria – Mike Gamio – who contacted me, was really nice and let me free to do my job on my own. I hope I´ll have the opportunity to work with fotogloria again.


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